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GRUNNERUD, Nordmarken, Värmland



Susan Sunday

Adventure Outpost Scandiatrail

Where Swedish Värmland and Dalsland border Norway, you will find a wild and romantic area with countless lakes. This area is commonly referred to as "Sweden in miniature". Deep forests, mountains and exquisite waterways similar of northern Sweden, dominate the area, but also encompasses many aspects that may remind some of southern Sweden. The area is 10.000 km² large, dominated by a tremendous lake and river system, deep ravines and fairy tale forests. The water is so pure, you can drink it straight from the lake, and the abundance of beautiful places to camp, makes this a nature lovers dream.

Lakes and rivers are for the most part connected, but sometimes you may encounter a small lock. Going through a lock with a canoe, is both exciting and easy. Slightly more challenging are longer round-trips where portages are necessary. A canoe cart is used for this purpose, where the canoe is tied down, so it can easily be transported to the next launch.


All of our tours are in the "easy to paddle" category, only weather changes can make the difficulty to medium plus. Canoeing is an activity anyone, comfortable with water, can enjoy, wants to experience nature up close and isn’t afraid of using muscle power. On our tours everyone is welcome: singles, couples, families or groups. We have over 40 years experience that we happily share with you. However, in the end it is up to the individual guest to make it a great vacation. Our canoe camp is located on the shore of lake Stora Le. This is the start and ending point of all of our tours. 


Welcome to Scandiatrail!

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Est. 1974
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