In the footsteps of the Vikings



Oden - Viking Tracks

E. Canoe Tour Oden 7 days/ca.80 km.

Nordmarken in Sweden were already a popular area many thousands of years ago.  The magnificent waterways made it possible to get deep into this unique nature, because paths were not yet available.

The first hunters came after the Ice Age and left some traces-which can still be found today. In the Viking Age, the area was already well populated and in Fölsbyn the traces are most noticeable.

Historical traces from all times epochs abound in Nordmarken. You will have a list of the most interesting sites on your tour.

The best and most beautiful way to explore this adventurous area is from the canoe, close to nature and a sense of history

We have worked out a tour that goes over seven days and ODEN is the name of the Viking god after which this tour is named.

15.05. - 30.09. 2021.

Tours start Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, see calendar.

Price per person and week 365 € for the use of equipment by 2 persons.

Single booking € 465

Foodboxes can be booked and the price is 195 € including provisions for 2 persons/7 days.


All our tours start on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, see Calendar/book

Tour Content:

2 Camping nights at base, Info evening and individual Instruction. GPS Viking Highlights, Canoe, Paddle, Life Jackets, Canoe trolley, Packing Container, Tent, Tarp, Kitchen plus  1 L burning Spirit, Water Canister, Map, Compass. 

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