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A personal travel concept can easily be put together and booked. Personal wishes, time frames are almost unlimited. With Flixbus and Norwegian Air you can discover Scandinavia as you like it.
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Information for your canoe round trip

Canoeing is for anyone who feels comfortable on the water, likes to move around with only muscular power and appreciates the relaxation and calm that natur brings. For all of those a canoe vacation is the right choice. No matter if you are alone, come as a pair, in a group or travel with the whole family, you are always welcome to us. Experience, material and equipment is available from us. Still, if your vacation will be a successful one is in your hands. If you have your own canoe and equipment you can launch it at camp and park your car for a fee.


Our 2-seat canoes can be loaded with ca. 300 kg (including people). You move them forward with a canoe paddle. They are robust, direction stable and give you enough space for equipment and personal things. Built in flotations ensure for optimal safety.


A water proofed packing container is very practical to store your personal things. In regards to weight, we recommend you to take only as much as you can carry. Necessary to bring are: Sleeping bag, Camping Mat, Plastic Plates, Cups, Cutlery, Rain Jacket/Trousers, Rubber Boots, Gymnastic shoes and a warm Sweater etc. Enough food for the length of your intended stay. Besides your personal clothing you will need: Toiletries, Knife, Flashlight, a Cell Phone (in a water tight bag), and maybe a Fishing Rod.

Everyman's right

In Sweden it's allowed, according to Everyman's Right to walk freely into the wild, gather mushrooms und berries, swim in lakes and rivers or travel by boat. Put up your tent in the wild for one night. These unique Right also means Everyman's Duty: That every visitor is obliged to behave and act protective of Nature and follow Everyman's Right Rules., see Swedish Environmental Protection Agency ( You will get detailed information at Camp before your trip. A Nature Conservation Card can be purchased here.


The following have contributed with image material on our pages: Claas den Besten, Frank van Dijen, Joachim Brede, Achim Krebber, Moritz Köster, Moritz Helmke, Maurice van den Boogaard, Lenny Lavrut, Anders Utbult, Kris Platzer, Flixbus, Norwegian, Wix, Scandiatrail and Amgo Travel, Inc.


Combine your canoe trip with a visit to the exiting capitals of Scandinavia: Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Plan your trip so you can really get to know Scandinavia.

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