"You can rent equipment here"

A canoe tour through the Scandinavian wilderness is an unforgettable adventure that brings back childhood dreams of expeditions through uncharted territories.


It is desirable to have experience with the great outdoor, and in addition some knowledge of reading maps. Especially important is to follow all regulations imposed to protect the environment, for example never to leave garbage behind, disturb wildlife or pick protected plants.

Detailed maps of Värmland, Dalsland and the Norwegian waterways can be purchased at base camp.


If you like to plan your canoe trip on your own you can rent the equipment, canoes and kayaks. 


Date: from 15.05. to 15.10.2022.

Canoe and Kayak rent. Extra Equipment. Request a price list for individuals or groups.


​To purchase: Food box for 2P/Week € 195 (must be booked in advance) and maps.​