Canoe Round Trips  Sweden  Norway

All tours are "on your own" after a joint briefing! 


Starting at 10:00 AM Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday May 15 till Sep 30 

Start dates- see Calendar/Book

Here your canoe dreams come true!

These tours can be booked at any dates. There are three and seven days canoe trips. If you like to extend your trip, no problem, we just add 10% per day of the tour price.

All of the of tours are in category "easy to paddle" and could only through very specific conditions change into medium+ difficulty, if for instance, strong wind comes up. 

It is easy to learn how to paddle. The only prerequisite is that you can swim. The enjoyment of nature and desire for adventure are most important on these tours. You will get far into the Scandinavian nature and encounter the scenery from many different angels. The character of the tours will be decided individually. Humor and tolerans will make your vacation a happy and memorable one. After the briefing at Camp you will receive the equipment and instruction. You have many camp sites where you can put up your tent during your tour; small island, lonely beaches and also prearranged DANO campsites, which can be used after you have paid a contribution for a Nature Conservation Card.

We have prepared five round trips, all different in length and difficulty level.

Exact daily paddle distances should not be too rigid, as weather, wind and also the individuals condition can not be planned in detail. As a rule you can paddle about 10 - 15 km per day. Not to forget, though, that you should also have a day of rest, with no paddling. The Tours start Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday, see Calendar.

If you want to arrive a day earlier, than you tour starts, you can stay overnight at the camp. Also, on your return a camp night is included (at no cost to you).

If you arrive by car, parking is free.

Only certain citizens can currently enter Norway. The tours can be adjusted so that guests who are not allowed to enter Norway have an alternative.

Boundary Lake - Yours to Discover
3 Days 195 € per Person


Map Book

Nordmarken - Into the Wild
7 Days 245 € per Person.


Map Book



Map Book

Värmland - on Viking Lakes
7 Days 275 € per Person


Map Book

Scandia Explorer
7 Days 295 € per Person
In the footsteps of the Vikings
7 Days 365 € per Person


Map Book

Start your adventure now...

By clicking the link below you can purchase your Nature Conservation Card for camping on the pre-arranged campsites.

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