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Tordyvelen -  Scandia Explorer

D. Canoe Tour Tordyvelen 7 days/ca.95 km.


This expedition is our most varied tour, passing through both Sweden and Norway. This tour requires some physical condition, in 7 days about 95 kilometer will be paddled. Some Portages and a Lock (fee) are scheduled for this trip.

1. Day: Welcome. Briefing.

2. Day: From Grunnerud in North-West direction to Norway.

3. Day: Passing Strömfoss Lock (Fee), through the narrow Tordyvelen and into Aspern Lake.

4. Day: Day Trip to Brekke, the highest and most impressive Locks in Northern Europe.

5. Day: The Northern Portage to Nössemark or the Southern by Ulvattnet to Stora Le.

6. Day: In a Northern direction on the boundary lake Stora Le.

7. Day: Back to Camp Grunnerud.


01.05. - 30.09. 2024.

The tour start daily, see calendar.

Price per person and week 295 € for the use of equipment by 2 persons.

Single booking € 395. 


A foodbox can be booked and the price is 195 € including provisions for 2 persons/7 days. No discount.


All round trips can be booked daily.



Briefing. Canoe, Paddles, Life Jackets, Tent,  Packing Containers, Canoe Cart,Tarp, Kitchen, 1 L burning Spirit, Water Canister, Map. Camping at Camp on arrival and departure (if desired). Parking. 

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