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On the Lakes of the Vikings
 Sweden and Norway Yours to Discover

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Hej..... welcome to Sweden!

We would like to suggest an adventure holiday that will take you into the wilderness lake district of Sweden and Norway. You will experience nature close up from your canoe.

We will show you exactly how to easily handle a canoe, navigate, how to pack the canoe and then carry out the whole tour on your own - canoeing in Sweden - Nature up close......

We know the "Lakes of the Vikings" very well and have been practicing canoeing since 1974. The canoe round tours we have put together, though they are different in length, all start and end in our camp in Grunnerud, Sweden.

They consist of a healthy blend of "Pure Nature and Adventure".

Whether canoeing adventures A, B, C, D or E, we certainly believe and hope that you will find an exciting tour that fits your expectations.

Hopefully we can welcome you in Sweden in June, July, August or September.


ADVENTURE OUTPOST Grunnerud est 1974


Our round trips start from here on your own. Experience has shown that, after our instruction, even a beginner can carry out the booked tour well. You have many camp sites where you can put up your tent during your tour; small island, lonely beaches and also prearranged DANO campsites, which can be used after you have paid a contribution for a Nature Conservation Card.

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Canoe Area

Most diversified in Scandinavia

The area is 10.000 km² large, dominated by a tremendous lake and river system, deep ravines and fairy tale forests. The water is so pure, you can drink it straight from the lake, and the abundance of beautiful places to camp, makes this a nature lovers dream.

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Canoe Trips

Five Adventure Tours to   choose from 

All of our tours are in the "easy to paddle" category, only weather changes, can increase  the level of difficulty. Canoeing is an activity anyone can enjoy who likes water, wants to experience nature up close and isn’t afraid of using some muscle power.

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Travel Info

Convenient connections by bus, air and car

Camp Grunnerud is situated directly on the shore of Stora Le. The Camp is out in the wilderness, yet, easy to reach. If you're not travelling by car you can go by FLIXBUS and BUS4YOU from several locations in Europe to get to Årjäng. Great Flight connections are available to Oslo.

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